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ISES Calgary Upcoming Events

An event where, seeing is disbelieving, reality is relative, and nothing is as it seems.  

Our first ISES INSIDERS in partnership with Cirque de Soleil will give you exclusive access to the Kurios Producetion, with a behind the scenes tour highlighting the tour logistics and installations, a seat to watch the show and access to the private lounge, where you'll indulge in cocktails and light hors d'oeuvres.

*This event is available to all corporate primary, additional corporate and individual members.  Student members and guests are not eligible for this event.

About Cirque de Soleil
Cirque du Soleil is a Quebec based company recognized all over the world for high-quality, artistic entertainment. Since its dawn in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has constantly sought to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke the emotions of people around the world.

Cirque du Soleil was built on values and deep convictions which rest on a foundation of audacity, creativity, imagination and our people: the backbone of our success.

Cirque du Soleil dream is also an integral part of its philosophy: To take the adventure further, step beyond its dreams and, above all, believe that our people are the engine of our enterprise. Cirque du Soleil offers its artists and creators the necessary freedom to imagine their most incredible dreams and bring them to life.

Facebook:  KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil
Twitter: @Cirque

Photography Credit: Stephanie Leblond